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A new and innovative methodology introduced in Romania by Odorheiu Secuiesc Community Foundation in 2009*. By this program the collaboration between companies and local NGO and inhabitants is simple and effective for positive changes.

Today in Odorhei region there are more than 13.000 community card holders. With professional assistance and in collaboration with OSCF this program is running in Miercurea Ciuc, Târgu Mureș and Sfântu Gheorghe too.

What is the Community Card?

  • a special loyalty card, by using it you can donate;
  • a cause related marketing instrument;
  • program which inspire the community participation: in this program the local inhabitants donate and decide about their donation, which local initiative to be supported by it.

What are the benefits?

Inhabitant/community members

  • donate and in the same time get a reduction
  • decide about the donation, which local project to be funded


  • create and develop loyalty customers
  • get an instrument for market-research
  • benefit in special and authentic marketing


  • coordinate a financing program based on the community fund created by the community card users: You Decide! There appears call for proposals in every three months addressed to local NGOs.
  • involve the local community and has a special communication tool.

How is working?


The community Card is distributed for free. Solicitants need to fill out a short form with their personal datas.

Strategic partners in Odorheiu Secuiesc:

reka gyogyszertar

The program is supported by Banca OTP:


For more information please contact us:

Csáki Rozália

  • 0741-655773


What changes did we supported by this program in Odorhei region?

Some examples of financed projects in the last years:

What did we change? Which NGOS got financial support? What was the size of the grants?
we supported the local products selling: „Átalvető” Program Caritas Rural Development 5000 lei
the kindergarten from Feliceni got special educational instruments: Mozgáskotta „Fülöp Áron Egyesület” Association 4050 lei
there was established a special space for programs dedicates for children with disabilities Orbán Foundation 5000 lei
we go toward to introduce a new sport in the town: Floorball Association of Youth 4077 lei
we supported the handicraft programs of youth with disabilities Pro Down Foundation 5000 lei
we supported the acquisition of sport instruments for sport programs Feel Good Sport Association 3913 lei
we supported the acquisition of a traditional tent for handicraft trainings and camps Kuckó Association 4000 lei
we supported the acquisition of instruments for activities addressed to adults in a poor situation A Smile for Life Association 3670 lei
we supported the communication activities of the foundation to take awareness of historical importance of Székely Támadt borough Haáz Rezső Foundation 4000 lei
we supported the acquisition of instruments by which should be presented the traditional life and fighting art SZIK Baranta Sport Association 3546 lei