New fundraising program: Kalaka Plusz

New fundraising program: Kalaka Plusz 2014-10-30T11:52:33+00:00

Look around Udvarhely and you see philanthropy.  Our beautiful schools and churches were built by volunteers using materials and funds donated by important families.  This community took shape because Udvarhely residents chose to work together to improve their time and place.  Our forebears did not have government funds or the E.U. to make these improvements.  Nor did they enjoy vast wealth.  What they shared was a belief in them, a belief that each generation has a responsibility to build upon what they were given and provide a better future for their children.

The Community Foundation Odorheiu Secuiesc supports the implementation and coordination of community programs. This gesture is more than financial support is a personal investment in the community, it becomes clear that the prominent role of family members and city life Kaláka Plus program.

What will change?

Community Foundation is a community service tool, implement planned changes, which prove to be more for the inhabitants. We believe that our communities members know best what the community needs and all they are able to achieve them.

What to do?


Donor’s benefits?

  • there are involved in planning
  • implement a program like
  • volunteering
  • monitors progress of the program step by step


We are honored by this partnership, based on trust!