Rural Fund

Rural Fund 2017-02-25T12:38:14+00:00

videki_alap_ENWe started a new grantmaking program in 2013. The program’s goal is to support the development of rural civil society. In this way the NGOs from Odorhei had the opportunity to apply for financial support of materials and instruments which help them in their activities addressed to the community.

Financed projects: from the 18 application we supported 9:

No. Organization Fund
1 „Égéért” Association 2970 RON – electric brushcutter
2 Microregional Association of „Felső Homoródmente” 1700 RON – video projector
3 „Kákvirág” Association
4 Cultural and Youth Association „Kánya” 1500 RON – laptop
5 Cultural Association „Kőlik” 1700 RON – video projector
6 Association „Máréfalvi Rozetta Egyesület”
7 Pro Life Foundation 1000 RON – consumable materials for handmade workshop
8 Association „Viharsarok” 1934 RON – printer and toner
9 Youth Forum of Zetea 1522 RON – laptop and printer
TOTAL 12.326 RON