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There is a well known method in community foundations life: a donor ask the foundation to manage the grantmaking process of the amount he give for this reason.

We got this request from the Project Harvest Hope (from USA). They raised 49,000 USD and the wanted to reach community development in the Unitarian villages in Transylvania. This program started in 2011.

We were glad that we could help in rural development which aim was similar with ours. These communities could apply with projects which goal was to develop the community, to increase the standard of living in those villages, to be an initiative by the inhabitants, to be a response of the community’s needs, and to encourage the cooperation between NGOs and the local congregation, local government.

This program was a real success in 2011. The Project Harvest Hope was inspired and asked the Community Foundation to continue the program. We lead this program in the next two years. Then the American partner had a big change in his organization structure. In 2014 they started another fundraising keeping the previous goals. Community Foundation and the Project Harvest Hope had an agreement that in the grantmaking process a new model will be tried. This model makes the community to raise a part of their project’s budget. The raised amount will be matched by the American partners.

These projects must have a budget maxim. 500 eur (with matching: 1000 eur).

Project Harvest Hope (USA)

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Short movie to introduce Unitarian Kalaka Program for american donors:

Realized projects

Community Amount of the grant (eur) Project
1. Benţid 2.463 rural press, community house
2. Bezid 3.171 community place
3. Firtănuş 2.458 community room
4. Firtuşu 2.832 purchasing a van
5. Ghipeş 2.307 community center
6. Valea 3.002 community house
7. Calnic 2.460 community house
8. Crişeni 2.178 community place
9. Locodeni 1.634 team building for youth
10. Valea lui Pavel 783 work-room
11. Şimoneşti 1.941 community house
12. Cristuru Secuiesc 3.168 community place, playground
13. Sănduleşti 2.655 renovation of minister’s house
14. Orăşeni 777 community place
Community Amount of the grant (eur) Project
1. Benţid 3.030 community place
2. Cechești 2.383 training for the Village Brass Band, art and handcrafts and bible camp
3. Transylvania 2.917 training of young volunteers for the organized helping and rescue actions, voluntary work camp
4. Firtuşu 1.167 adult education for the persistency
5. Ghipeş 1.887 trainings for the local youth: bee-keeper course, furniture painting course, weaving course
6. Crăciunel 989 meeting and training for the Romanian community assistants
7. Icland 2.877 renovation of the community house, handcrafts camp
8. Chinuşu 1.808 local fruit drying unit
9. Cobăteşti 2.522 building a playground
10. Corund 2.749 handicraft experience workshop
11. Cheia 2.972 building a community house
12. Medişoru Mare 1.167 partial renovation of the community house, camp for children
13. Rareş 2.404 finishing the community house and increasing its tools
14. Dârjiu 2.848 building a football field
15. Mujna 1.795 renovation of the community house and increasing its tools
Community Amount of the grant (eur) Project
1. Mihai Viteazu 2.329 renovation of the community house
2. Benţid 2.489 traditional folk dance camp
3. Bezid 2.481 calling the children`s, youngsters` attention to the traditional values (food, folk customs, folk art)
4. Cecheşti 1.362 traditional art, handcraft and bible camp for children and an intensive music and choir course for adults
5. Crăciunel 2.489 reviving the traditional culture of bees (voluntary work)
6. Ocland 2.105 furnishing the community house with traditional furniture, education of forgotten skills like furniture painting, weaving, sewing
7. Petreni 1.935 furnishing the kindergarten’s kitchen and increase its tools
8. Calnic 2.271 renovation of the community house
9. Cobăteşti 1.605 purchasing a proper sound- and light effect equipment to improve their educational work
10. Cheia 2.479 building four guest rooms in the attic of the community house
11. Hoghiz 2.077 furnishing the community house and organizing community events
12. Orăşeni 1.775 renovation of the old bowling building
13. Providence Charity Organization – Transylvania 2.675 training for young volunteers for the organized helping and rescue actions
Community Amount of the grant (eur) Project
1. Cheia 1.008 swithcing the old fence to a new one and building a traditional roofed-gate next to their newly built Francis Balazs Community Center
2. Chedea Mică 915 renovation of the painted stage and the cultural house in Chedea Mică
3. Corund 1.082 enlarge the space of the Experimental Workshop in Corund
4. Ghipeş 598 organizing a traditional folk dance camp in Ghipeş