Urban Kalaka

Urban Kalaka 2017-02-25T15:23:49+00:00

The Kalaka is an important part of our cultural history. Is a special form of community voluntary work.The goal of the Urban Kalaka program isto build a better Udvarhely for all of us while trying to involve every citizen in this process.

In 2008 we renovated 5 playgrounds with the involvement of 120 volunteers. One of the biggestidentified targets was a sports field in the Tabor neighborhood, which we have managed to renew in collaboration with Mayor’s Office and the City Council.

In 2009 as the program grown SZKA has initiated a more complex project: the renovation and refurbishing of the David Ferenc Square and the abandoned fountain into a community space. There was used survey to implicate the inhabitants near to the Square. There were realized more visual plans and the community voted to decide which one to be executed. The project was finished by the City Council through a European project in 2012.

In 2010 SZKA has initiated 4 public spaces refurbishing, with the involvement of more than 40 volunteers. In autumn we have fully refurbished the playground on the Fuggetlensegstreet in collaboration with the Mayor’s Office and City Council.

In 2011–2012, we have transformed the Szabók street playground into a small park and outdoor fitness area for adults.

In 2013 we aim to create a park and a community space near to the Jezus Chapel. This monument is one of the oldest buildings of the town. The green area near is very untidy.