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Current news, 2013–2014

The YouthBank students prepared three fundraising projects for the 2013-14 years by which their goal is to raise 1250 euros.

  1. Make good with three persons”: The „youthbankers” will collect toys, books and sweets in all of schools and nurseries of the town and they will sold in the town’s center between 3 and 5 of December.
  2. Community`spot “: during the Christmas Fair the young team will cook and sell rolls, tea, apple juice and cakes at the Town Hall Square.
  3. Online fundraising: the “youthbankers” will campaign for online donations through the crowdfunding site of Odorheiu Secuiesc Community Foundation.



The YouthBank program is a voluntary program of youth that aims to educate the young people to active community participation.

In our city this program started in 2009. This year runs the third edition of the program.

The main goal of YouthBank is to educate the youth community to responsibility and active citizenship. This program offers the possibility to learn and to exercise different methods of fundraising and grantmaking. The young volunteers participate at different training courses that teach them how to transform an idea to a project and how to imply in that their colleagues.

The implementation of the program takes 10 months, from September to June, and has three main phases:

  1. In this phase the main goal of YouthBank team (10-12 students) is to raise a fund of 1250 euros. This sum is matched every year by a bank.
  2. This is the phase when the YB team supports community projects of youth from the raised and matched fund.This way different event, trainings and other types of projects, initialized andimplemented by the students, are supported. In the last two years this program supported 35 youth projects. Some examples: creation of park, street ball championship, cultural night, football championship, competition based on environment protection etc.
  3. In this phase the youthbankers are monitoring the implementation of supported projects are. The OSCF in collaboration with the host organizations of the projects performs the monitoring activity and offers help in the implementation.

The YouthBank fund is created by youth (youthbankers).They are the ones who decide what projects to be supported from the YB fund too. All these activities offer them an experience which leads to an easier way to choose profession, to find a job, and also to develop some personalities who later became more conscious and active members of their community.

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First YouthBank season (2009–2010)

  • Number of youthbankers: 11
  • Raised sum: 1875 euro, matched by the BRD Bank
  • Number of supported projects: 11


Second YouthBank season (2010–2011)

  • Number of youthbankers: 10
  • Raised sum: 1375 euro, matched by the BRD Bank
  • Number of supported projects: 7


Third YouthBank season (2011–2012)

  • Number of youthbankers: 11
  • Raised sum: 1350 euro, matched by the OTP Bank
  • Number of supported projects: 7


Fourth YouthBank season (2012–2013)

  • Number of youthbankers: 8
  • Raised sum: 1100 euro, matched by the OTP Bank
  • Number of supported projects: 3


Fifth YouthBank season (2013–2014)

  • Number of youthbankers: 6
  • Raised sum: 5000 lei, matched by the Mayor Office of Odorheiu Secuiesc
  • Number of supported projects: 6

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