Philantropic Community – Odorhei donate!

OSCF has launched an innovative fundraising campaign. Philantropic Community reflects the commitment of citizens to this town and that OSCF is the community’s foundation – working for and with people and institutions to build a stronger Odorhei.

[p]During this campaign OSCF addresses individuals and businesses from Odorhei and the Odorhei region. OSCF is asking for a donation to build Foundation programs and to strengthen a  tradition of philantropy.[/p]

OSCF developed a new method for collecting donations with our long-time partners at the Elan Trio, Merkur and Szuper shops.

The slogan: To give is to receive!

One part of the donated amount will be used for supporting community projects in 2012. The other part will serve the development of OSCF.

And, some more good news, a group of founders will matching the raised money!

How can you make a gift?

Simple: when you next shop in Szuper and Merkur offer a gift (5, 10, 25 or 50 ron) for OSCF at checkout counter. Generous donors will get a surprise.

Or:you can make a simple bank transfer to our account:

Name of the Bank: OTP Odorheiu Secuiesc

Bank account number: RO85 OTPV 2610 0020 7775 RO06


Name of account holder: Fundatia Comunitara din Odorheiu Secuiesc

Tax number: 23073451

Address of account holder: 535600 Odorheiu Secuiesc, Bethlen Gábor street 55 no, Romania

The campaign runs from 14 noiembrie to 31 decembrie.

For more details feel free to contact us:, 0040-366-100283.

„Campaign supported by Commmunity Foundations program”


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