Very good ideas came up for the new call for proposal. The donors of the Philanthropic Community has selected 3 projects:

  • Student Counsil of Benedek Elek Pedagogical Lyceum: How much you are worth?

“Our project is an initiative, the first phase of a long term plan, focused to prevent cyberbullying, abusing cyberbullying on the Internet, to strengthen students’ dignity and self-esteem.”

  • Bibliofil Foundation: Don’t panic!

“Our idea is based on an absurd humorous book, Douglas Adams The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

One of the project’s aims is to promote reading through a writing that approaches the meaning of life with a completely unique vision.”

  • Caritas – Social Section: Go with your family, not with your cell phone!

“Our goal is to strength the relationships within the family and to shape their quality. We experienced in our work that families rarely participate in common experiences, and there are less time for personal attention.”


These 3 projects will go to the community fundraising event called „Odaadó Est”, where they will be presented and will have the opportunity to raise funds for their ideas.