Are physics and IT too hard for you? Are you and Geography on the same page? Can you find anything interesting in it? Well, then listen! Now we’re going to show you how exciting these subjects can be. Within the Heuréka 3.0 Support Fund, OCA supports eight cool projects that will be implemented in the coming months.

1. Applied Seismology – Future Researchers

With the help of the Cultural Association of Bibliofil Foundation program, students will learn the ins and outs of earthquakes, and put them into practice by creating an earthquake simulator that anyone in the city library can try it out.

2. „ToNYÁK” (Tunyák)

The Electronics Department at Cimbora House will soon be upgraded. This way, today’s technologies will allow students to create up-to-date projects. There is already a plan to take part in a robotics competition with the newly revamped tools and machines. The inventory will be enriched by a hightech oscillioscope, which is a versatile electronic measuring instrument.

3. Interdisciplinary Innovation and Product Development Team Competition and Mentoring Program

ErGo Association and U-Hub Odorhei IT&C Community project are already building tradition in our program. IT product development competition is organized for teams of 4-5 high schoolers. Applicants are expected to come up with an innovative idea for a computing product. After the application, the candidates will be prepared and judged. The most successful teams can take part in a mentoring program. At the end of the project, students will be able to showcase their prototypes and be rewarded for the best work and, where appropriate, provided support to further develop the prototype.

4. The 5th Photographic camp

If you are interested in photography, you can join István Kováts Photo Archive Association”s project. For the 5th time, a photographic camp will be held where participants will learn how to use machines, become familiar with the basic concepts of photography, learn how to use analogue machines with black and white film, learn how to develop them, and gain insight into image processing programs. It is important to make them aware that it is not the machines that control us, but that we are the ones who give them commands.

5. Physics Charm – If Physics Is With Us, Who Is Against Us?

Remember the Physics shows at „Tamási” High School’s dormitory? The wibe is still on! Teacher Zoltán Székely and a large team of students are working on preparing another interesting, enjoyable, spectacular and interactive experimentation to provide the most basic information from the world of Physics. During the demonstrations, the secrets of the Bermuda Triangle and the heliothermal Bear Lake (Sovata, RO) will also be revealed.

6. „Green Buddies”

The Cimbora Association’s photo department will also improve its technical equipment thanks to this project. They aim to provide students with new tools to understand and execute newer photographic phenomena, and to help students take more accurate work and photos. Within their project, two events will take place: the “Retro Pals” photographic history competition and the “Green Pals” photographic art exhibition competition.

7. GeoTour 2019

The Geocaching program, launched last year, has some new developments. This program combines Geography, History and Computer Science with hiking and environmental protection. Candidates can discover our region’s natural sights and the built environment through a treasure hunt. This time, the project puts special emphasis on protecting the environment, mapping and eradicating illegal littering.

8. Zeyk TV

At the Zeyk Domokos Technology High School in Cristuru Secuiesc, a TV studio has been added to the infrastructure. Students can make TV shows about school events. These will be promoted on the school’s website (, YouTube and fb. As part of the program, 8 students will also take part in a study tour of the Transylvanian TV studio in Târgu Mureș, where they will learn the basics of television programming.

You can follow the projects on the Heuréka fb page here.

Enjoy our projects! Get to know the colorful sides of STEM!

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