The Color Metal LTD and the OSCF launched a joint plastic cap collection program. The project’s mastermind is Color Metal LTD, where the environment friendly behavior within the company led to the cap collection project. The OSCF was associated with the idea as a partner, as this endeavor truly matches our goals.

The purpose of the Bottlecap Heart is dual: on one hand, we want to prevent the plastic cap from being a waste, and also we would like to raise our community’s awareness of the environmentfriendly initiatives in the area.

We believe that it is absolutely important that the collected caps are reused, thus preserving the environment.

The heart-shaped containers are made specifically for this project from aluminum semi-manufactures. Currently, there are 8 cap containers on the following locations: at the headquarters of Color Metal, Melinda Instal, ALT Technologies, Kaufland, Mekur, Merkur Bethlen, Super Horizont and Super Market parking lot.

We want to develop our initiative into a movement. Thus, we have already started cooperation with several catering units to utilize the caps collected there. Everyone is more than welcome to join the program. Let’s turn Odorhei „green” together!

For more information please visit our website, or the OSCF fb page.