This year, 32 organizations have collected donations for the Run for IT! fundraising project. Out of these, 9 NGOs were completely new in this program.

New records were set this year:

  • 263,829 RON donations have been received, from which different local initiatives will be suported.
  • 2960 donors supported the ambassadors.
  • This year, there were some organizations that have surpassed fundraising so far. The Cristuru Secuiesc Fairy Tale Association managed to raise 29,535 RON.

Here are some interesting results as a healthy lifestyle catch: the participants ran / walked a total of 2,670 laps, equivalent to 3,471 km, which is almost the distance between Odorhei and Madrid.

Most laps were run by the Feel Good Sports Association ambassador, Attila Orbán, who ran 24 laps in two hours, more than 30 km. Of the female ambassadors, Erika Barczán was the fastest, completing the distance 19 times in two hours. She also strengthened the Feel Good Sports Association team.

We also paid special attention to the environmental issues when organizing this year’s event: for this reason, runners could consume refreshments from only paper cups, and we also encouraged participants to bring their own reusable waterbottle. There was also a bottle cap HEART container at the venue and we rewarded all those who brought bottle caps with some gifts. During the Run for IT! a total of 147 kg caps were collected.