In order to feel good in your hometown, to start a family here, we need to do something about it constantly. But this is what keeps us alive, brings us joy, connects us, and gives us hope. Therefore, the OSCF is preparing for 2020 with the following events:

  • The board’s call for proposals is already active. The 3 successful winners will be part of an inspirational fundraising event, the Donor Circle gala on March 19th, 2020.
  • We won”t miss the Urban Kaláka’s opportunity to renew a few public area
  • We will continue our Bottle Cap Heart project as well, because your active participation is what drives us to do so.
  • It has been repeatedly proven that science is cool and exciting, and we do not want to miss out on this. In 2020 we are preparing for Heuréka 4.0!
  • Since we got in touch with the Szeklers In The World, reaching out to almost 150 people, we will continue to cooperate with them this year as well.
  • Donation Voucher will start this year, which is a new donation method to serve community initiatives.
  • This will be our 9th Run For IT!. If you already have been participated in this event, than you probably know that it’s kind a recommended to get in shape in time. You have never been part of it? Then please check it out our craziness at the  ro, and sign up ASAP!

And that’s not all, we have some  more surprise for you.

We all know that without your help, this would not have been possible. So this year, we will continue to work with our supporters, our non-governmental partners, and everyone with whom we can make life better and more joyful in Odorhei.