There is a growing number of initiatives worldwide to help healthcare workers in this extremely difficult situation. The doctors, nurses, nursing home caregivers from our town are not in an easier situation neither.

We also would like to help them, so they could reach their wokplace much faster and easier. Inspired by a well-established initiative in Budapest, we tought if there would be enough supply and demand, we would be more than happy to help you providing FREE accommodation for health professionals here in Odorhei, as well.

Who should apply?

  1. Healthcare workers who need to commute, or want to keep their family safe, or if they would just like to be as close to the hospital as possible.
  2. Homeowners with furnished apartments. Preference is given to apartments close to the hospital, thus reducing the number of interactions and increasing the duration of the stay.

We are waiting for both “parties” to apply and we’ll help you to connect to each other.

Please feel free to contact us at or call  0757-041.180.

Any further details will be discussed in person.

Let us help!

Take care!