The OSCF was one of the first to step up and launch a collaboration – cooperation and fundraising – in order to prepare Odorhei to prevent the spread of the coronavirus epidemic.

The collaboration was really fruitful thanks to everyone who got involved in answering our ”call”.

We mobilize not only locally but also nationally. As a result, a nationwide SMS fundraising campaign has been launched.

Anyone who chooses this method of support should send a text message between April 1st and June 31st to the following phone number: 8837. The message should be: SZKA. This way you will already contribute with 2 EU to the health preparation of our city. As this is a nationwide campaign, the text of the message (SZKA) is very important because this can be used to identify the message’s place of origin.


Cellphone subscribers will not pay tax for this support. (This amount will be reflected in your account afterwards.)

In the case of the pre-pay cards purchased at Digi Mobil, Orange and Telekom Romania, the tax has already been paid at the time of purchase, so no new tax liability will be added.

No tax is applied for Vodafone pre-pay card customers neither.

From the subsidies collected from the messages, we will buy medical equipment, disinfectants, protective clothing and machinery for the Odorheiu Secuiesc Hospital.

Thank you for your generosity!