All these events from the recent months have shown our community that together we can succeed. We realized the importance of simple gestures towards each other, the value of our family and community, the time spent together. Our behavior has changed. In a crisis, our most compassionate and helpful human nature emerges from us. (I mean, it was in there somewhere, the whole time :) )

Our community in Odorhei has also shown successful cooperation in the recent period. Plenty of people, organizations, businesses and public institutions have done so, supporting those in need, and those on the front lines. We are absolutely grateful for this, and we appreciate all the gestures, all the good deeds for everyone who contributed. It has been proven that if we relly want to, we can be compassionate humans again and take care of our community.  Our heart swells with pride.

There are so many forms of help that have come to life:

  • Healthcare workers received not only tools and equipment, but food, coffee, yummy treats, vitamins, even safe accommodation or spiritual help.
  • A crisis team was organized with the participation of the Mayor’s Office, the hospital, a few organizations and businesses. They showed us how to serve the interests of the community quickly and effectively.
  • All the caterers came together and distributed more than a thousand servings of hot food to a number of volunteers in need.
  • Several NGOs have begun fundraising, private and corporate donations have provided a wealth of essential tools and equipment for the city’s public hospital, family physicians and the dental permanence center, and for many other social NGOs, as well.
  • The Public Library helped us to get to know the interesting, special or outstanding people of the area, the real stories behind the faces, with a series of digital conversations.
  • There were plenty of volunteers who used a newly designed app to reach out to even more people in need.

And the listing could go on and on.

All this came to life because of the pandemic situation. But can we only act like this in an akward situation? How could we preserve this beautiful side of us? Why should it be so important at all times? Because we think this should be the only way to take care of our children, and to create a better tomorrow.

There are many hidden values ​​inside us, as people, and as a community of Odorhei. Let’s try to be better guardians and practitioners of our own good habits.

If you have heard about an inspirational story from Odorhei like the ones listed above, please send a message to the OSCF- Odorheiu Secuiesc Community Foundation on facebook or to:

Thanks to Lajos Lőrincz for the photo.