We are going to organize the best possible Run For It under these circumstances. We honestly have to admit that we were just about to cancel this event this year. However, when we asked around several NGO representatives and runners, they strongly encouraged us not to back down. And we won’t! Together we are going to do our best to organize this project and to support positive changes in our community.

We also have to adapt to the situation and to the constant changes. But we take it as a positive challenge in our life.

We would like to encourage all the non-governmental organizations to reconsider their goals and the projects are they planning to work on this year. Life took a different turn recently, new priorities have rised. We should focus on these changes and, if possible, should offer a solution to each of them.

We also encourage cooperation between non-governmental organizations, so the progress can be even more effective.

The rethinked Run for It! won’t be a public run, i.e. runners won’t run at ocnce. This opens up another exciting opportunity for all of us. The running teams of each project are free to choose the location where they will run: it can be around a castle, in a special natural environment, and so on. And don’t worry about missing the community feeling. The runs will take place on the same day,  the same time. We are also coming up with interesting online solutions, as well.

Our scenario is still evolving, we’ll keep you posted!

Thank you for your trust and for reaffirming your commitment to change, because doing good feels good and you don’t want to miss out on it this year. We neither!