The application for NGOs was closed on August 24th. It seems like this is not the only number in this year’s program. In 2020, 24 NGOs have decided to get involved in the implementation of a community goal for which the Run for IT! event provides assistance. There is no shortage of surprises this year either, as 11 new organizations have registered, some of which have never participated in the Run for IT! before.

Ambassadors will be able to choose their favorite affair and NGO from August 25th and register until September 8th. All interested ambassadors are encouraged to contact the NGO of their choice in advance.

Regarding the number of ambassadors applying for each project, it is recommended that each NGO organize a team of 10-15 people, as based on our previous experience this would be the ideal number whith they can still work together effectively and which would be enough for the projects to reach their goals.

If you would like to register as an ambassador or just would like to check out who has registered so far, click here: