In our region, the Run for IT! fundraising event is considered well-known, almost traditional.

However, this year due to the pandemic situation, we were prepared to cancel this famous event. But when we asked the NGO representatives and the runners about the run, they strongly encouraged us not to back down. Thus, for the 9th time, the OSCF is organizing this fundraising sports event again this year, which will help raise the necessary funds for the efforts of the local NGOs.

It is gonna be the best Run for IT!

This year’s change is that there will be no joint run. On October 11th, all the ambassadors will run / walk in different locations, but all at the same time.

Just like in the previous years, anyone has the opportunity to get involved, as an NGO representative, ambassador (runner), donor (individual, business), or volunteer.

Due to the current epidemiological situation, we would like to encourage all the non-governmental organizations to consider with special attention what goals and projects are they supporting. We should pay attention to the global changes and, if possible, offer a solution to them with our projects. At the same time, we encourage cooperation between non-governmental organizations, in order to make the progress even more effective.

Run for IT! schedule

3–24 August – launching the project, application of non-governmental organizations

17 August (10 a.m. and 5 p.m.) – meetings with NGOs

25 August – 8 September – application of ambassadors (runners)

9 September – 11 October – offering grants

9 September – 10 October – preparation of participating teams

9 October – delivery of the start packages, description of the event

11 October – Run for IT! 2020

12 October – 26 November – contracts with the NGOs


What You Need To Know…

  • Our goal is to help NGOs raise donations for their community projects.
  • More and more people would like to be involved in this program, so in order to maintain and strengthen the main objective, we continue to recommend the following option:
    • We encourage NGOs to recruit ambassadors from other locations as well, within or outside the country, who will raise awareness of the community issues and be able to attract donations from all over the country.
  • We emphasize that the event itself is a fundraising run, different from the crowd run, the runners are also ambassadors for the chosen affairs.
  • On August 17th from 10 a.m. and from 5 p.m. we invite the representatives of the interested non-governmental organizations to a meeting at the headquarters of OSCF (pre-registration is required at at this e-mail address).
  • News related to the program will be published on the Fuss Neki! facebook page and at the Fuss Neki! 2020 facebook event.
  • This year, instead of laps, ambassadors will take kilometers when running.


How do I get started if I want to apply as a non-governmental organization?

  • I can always find information on the website (
  • attend a meeting for NGOs (Monday, Aug. 17th, from 10 a.m. or  from 5 p.m.)
  • prepare all the documents for the application:
    • if you have not yet applied to OSCF, you will need to prepare a scanned, readable version of the organisation’s founding files in PDF (the documents need to be saved in separate files – so there will be 5 different PDF files):
      1. Tax certificate (CIF / Cod de Identificare Fiscală)
      2. Deed of foundation (act constitutiv)
      3. Statutes (statut) + (act adițional)
      4. Forensic registration
      5. Proof of the organization’s operating bank account
    • translate the project description into English
    • the organization’s logo (in PNG or PDF)
  • I apply online on the project’s website (
  • recruit ambassadors, and keep them informed
  • try to mobilize my acquaintances (even abroad) as ambassadors
  • I follow the Fuss NEKI! facebook page and Fuss NEKI! 2020 facebook event


How do I get started if I want to join as an ambassador (runner)?

  • On Aug. 25th all community projects will appear on the website (, I will read them and choose the one that draws my attention
  • if the NGO accepts my application, I will register online as an ambassador (, then upload a digital photo and pay the application fee (35 RON) by the given deadline
  • there will be no problem if I get stuck during registration, as the program saves the entered data
  • I will complete the application by September 8th, otherwise I will lose the right to hold the role of ambassador

I follow the Fuss NEKI! facebook page and the Fuss NEKI! 2020 facebook event

For more information please visit: