Positive vibes. Perhaps this would be the best way to describe the first BottlecapMOSAIC competition.

Not only in our region, but even in Harghita County, there was no similar event going on before. Co-organized with RDE Harghita LTD, we announced the BottlecapMOSAIC competition in March  2020, hoping to be held in May. But it did not happen. After several postponements, on the 24th of October the event was finally happening.

16 teams applied for the competition, which means that 160 students were involved in this project. Unfortunately, on the day of the event, only 15 teams were able to participate, as one of the teams had some health issues going on. The event took place on the Zoom platform, with only the teams, the organizers and the three jury members present. Each team made their own mosaic at a different location. Our primary target location was Odorhei and its nearby region, but to our surprise and great pleasure, an enthusiastic team from Gheorgheni and Miercurea Ciuc also applied.

The teams had 4 hours to create their artwork. Almost everyone finished the mosaic a bit earlier. Breathtaking creations were born, so the jury had no easy task to complete. The evaluation criteria were: the size of the mosaic, the chosen environmental theme and its justification, creative execution, and teamwork. Based on these, the first three places were taken by the following teams:

  • the team of Light Hunters (12-16 yrs ), their reward is one bicycle for each member.
  • the Vasas Femina team ( 13-17 yrs), each with a Balu Adventure Park ticket and a delicious lunch.
  • the Team of Bottlecaps (10-15 yrs), who also received Balu Park tickets.

Special awards were received by the PlanetSavers (16-17 yrs) and the Bee Careful! team (15-17 yrs). Beside these awards every team was rewarded for their environmental work and determination.

The bottlecaps collected during the competition, nearly 900 lbs, will go to the recycling plant of RDE Harghita LTD, and the money received for them will go to OSCA’s environmental fund.

There will definitely be another CapMOSAIC next year! We just loved it! These youngsters amazed us!

Here are some feedbacks from the participants:

”We are also very grateful for this excellent event, thank you for your hard work and for the organization! It was an amazing experience for each of us, the mosaics reveal how much we enjoyed and loved it! Thank you SZKA!”
Vasas Femina team

”Saturday went very well for us, a super nice team gathered. I think the creation of the mosaic went smoothly, because we put a lot of effort on the preparation. Although we are not among the finalists, we did our best, we had a dream together, and it will always remain an eternal memory for us. Thank you for the opportunity!”
Caps team