A revolutionary 2020 was both instructive and inspiring for us. We were impressed by the benevolent behavior of Odorhei, and by the community’s willingness to act.

The difficulties has also brought many positive changes and novelties in 2021.

Here we go, the OSCF team, getting ready for new challenges:

  • Donor Circle – we are tihnking about organizing a real community outdoor event in late spring or early summer. The 3 winning ideas will be released soon.
  • Charitable Community – we have opened the gates and are constantly waiting for those who want to join the community and want to commit to regular charity.
  • NEW! Trust Capital Fund – this is a brand new support fund. The OSCF has been asked by 12 members of the local government to manage this project. These brainstormers create the fund with their monthly donations to support the implementation of innovative community projects. The call for proposals is expected to be released in the first half of the year.
  • NEW! Pro Active Rural – In the disadvantaged rural communities of Odorhei region we want to help those small groups who seek for change, with knowledge and networking, so they can become the engines of change and development. We are going to work with 5 communities who will be selected through a call for proposals. An invitation to do so will appear shortly.
  • NEW! Well–minded Odorhei – we rethought and reorganized our „The Worth Living Odorhei” initiative. This is a strategic direction for us, as well. We are going to launch a new series of workshops and lectures on this topic, and we will also try to come up with something new to small businesses, too.
  • We are continuing our BottleCup HEART projects, which will be upgraded with some heart-shaped containers in different sizes.
  • The success of our BottleCap MOSAIC event, which debuted last year, prompts us to continue this project, as well.
  • With the Urban Kalaka project we are also preparing for a call for proposals and a joint kalaka.
  • The Heuréka0 project is just about to end and we are preparing for the fall with the announcement of the Heuréka 5.0.
  • This year the 10th Run For ITI! will take place. We are so excited and preparing many freshness and newness for this event.

The epidemic period taught us to be prepared for difficult times. So, we came up with 2 important steps:

  • the creation of an Emergency Fund, which allows for rapid assistance, local decision-making and rapid action on the ground in the management of community crises.
  • we will further develop our Reserve Fund so that our knowledge, networking system, and motivational and organizational force can serve the development of our region.

We are preparing to implement our plans with a renewed team, a renewed board of directors and the generosity of the community, with great hope and willingness to act.