February 15 was the application deadline for the Action Small Rural Communities – ProActive Rural project. A total of 13 small communities applied develop their own community..

Applications are currently being evaluated and then the advanced teams will be invited to a meeting in order to get to know them better and their motivation for participating in the project. After the meetings, it will be decided who will be the 5 small communities who can take part in the professional trainings, mentoring and support for their initiative.

The settlements from which they applied: Aldea, Arvățeni, Bădeni, Forțeni , Firtușu, Iașu, Chinușu, Cobătesti, Nicolești (together with Obrănești and Oțeni), Medișoru Mare,  Rugonești, Aluniș, Mujna.

We will be coming soon with the results of the first round.

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