The OSCF, together with some non-governmental organizations – Szekler Teker Association, Feel Good Association, EKE – Odorheiu Secuiesc, Green Szekerlend Association – carried out several projects that promoted and educated cycling, lured out hundreds of people and families on the hiking trail around Odorhei, and together we built a biking trail, as well. Our bottleCAP HEART project and the bottleCAP MOSAIK event also continued this effort.

As quite a few non-governmental organizations are active in this field in Odorhei region, we decided to help strengthen this movement with practical and everyday steps that can be followed. It is a great pleasure for us that RDE Harghita joind in this endeavor, which we will continue under the name „Well–minded Odorhei”. There will be practical lectures and workshops on the topic of environmental awareness.

The first meeting took place on January 19th, where the topic was environmentfriendly washing. Katalin Lukácsi and Zsolt Márton were the hosts, putting together 10 years of experience and professional knowledge. Thanks again to the Harghita Business Center for hosting this event. In addition to practical knowledge, the 25 participating ladies were able to return home with a handy starter kit: stain remover salt and baking soda, as well as other natural ingredients to wash clean clothes in an environmentally friendly and cost-effective way. It also turned out that it doesn’t matter how hard the water is, because depending on that, everyone has to work out the “recipe”.

This little gift package contained enough ingredients to do the laundry for nearly half a year. The linen bag contained 1 kg of baking soda, 1 kg of stain remover salt, 0.5 kg of lemon salt, 1 liter of vinegar, 1 kg of washing nuts, 2 small textil bags, 1 tea tree essential oil, 1 orange essential oil. And for those who don’t want to spend too much time with the preparation, we also offered one bottle of organic liquid detergent made of 98% natural materials.

After the presentation, we received a lot of feedback from the participants, who thoroughly tested out the recipe, and were happy to report their successes. Here is few feedback:

”Well ladies, this is more than a succes! I’m an experimental type, I’ve tried many MLM system “super” detergents on my husband’s garage pants “(fat, oil), but I’ve always returned to my mom’s traditional method: homemade soap + scrub brush + 10 minutes then a 60 degree Arieles wash. What happened now: homemade soap for “stubborn stains” + “Kata’s recipe” at 60 degrees and the result was amazing! Oh, and the discreet cloud of scents is just an addition! And all in an environmentally conscious way!”

”We also did 2 laundry, color and black. It was amazing, I don’t see any disadvantage yet. I am going to switch to this solution for sure – I can declare that already.”

These feedbacks encourage us to continue. The next workshop will be on February 17th. We will make environmentally friendly home cleaning products with the participants. We are already excited and grateful to be on this path together!

Due to the current epidemiological regulations, these activities take place in a closed series of events for no more than 25 people, but as soon as it will be possible we’ll open more widely.