The team of Well-minded Odorhei visited the Odorheiu Secuiesc sewage treatment plant in May.

We would not even think what a serious plant is operating by the East exit from our town in order to “wash” our wastewater used by the local residents. It’s not just any mission they do here day by day. Through our visit, we were also introduced to the process of chemical-free water treatment. We learned that the bacteria are actually great friends of the staff, and they, together, can release clean and chemical-free water back into the river and thus not harmful to the wildlife of the Küküllő River.

The most damaging things to the system are diapers, wet wipes, but it has happened that a tube of toothpaste also got into the drain. The biggest problem with this waste is that they can cause huge damage in the water treatment equipment, and just because the bacteria cannot break them down, permanent damage will occur.

Unfortunately, people often use the lavatory as a “trash can”. Some various oils also enter into the wastewater, from which it is also important to purify the water before discharging back into the Küküllő. After entering the site, the wastewater passes through several reservoirs / pools in order to obtain a “clean” result by prolonging the path of the water from the inflow to the outlet, which helps in the purification.

The difference between the water entering and leaving the site is spectacular. The site coordinator lady has two water samples in her hands: the result speaks for themselves.

The visit was really meaningful, not to mention the gratitude we owe to those who work there. Knowing the fact that environmental awareness is an important aspect for them, this way helping to protect the local residents, wildlife and the environment, makes us feel more comfortable living in this environmental conscious area.