The Odorheiu Secuiesc Community Foundation, in cooperation with the Zetea Forest Police Department, is launching a new initiative called the Green Footprint.

In today’s societies, an environmentally conscious approach is getting more and more important. A climate-conscious consumer already expects the climate neutrality of the manufacturer. This consumer attitude also gives rise to a number of demands in the business sector as well, specially the need for proof. To prove that the product or activity is environmentalfriendly (green/eco). This also underpins the carbon quota market. The principle is that we try to capture the carbon produced by economic activity by financing green investments that are able to absorb the carbon produced. This is most often done through planting and afforestation.

With the joint project, our goal is to promote this movement and attitude in Odorhei region as well, so we can help as many companies as possible, to offset the carbon dioxide emissions generated by their activities as much as possible.

Taking into account the ecological conditions of this region, we plant tree species of high biodiversity value in the nearby area, such as spruce or sweet chestnut. Their advantage is that, due to the nature and status of the tree species, these individuals will not be cut out in adulthood.

The first company to join this initiative is the Color Metal LTD, a company with  environmentalfriendly philiosphy. In 2019, we jointly launched the BottleCap HEART project, which also contributes to the protection of our environment. By joining the Green Footprint, they want to continue this work by purchasing and planting 500 seedlings. Good to know that the company’s staff will also be involved in the planting.

The project starts on Saturday, and thus the first planting will take place at Izvoarele. We will also measure how much carbon dioxide these 500 sweet chestnuts can neutralize, as well as a map of the location of the plantations. Anyone can access the plave any time, visiting the 500 seedlings that contribute to the biodiversity of the area. GPS coordinates also help us to reach the place, so we can have a nice family program outdoor. By visiting the planting sites, you can have a real forest experience.

We hope that more and more individuals and businesses will take conscious steps for our environment in the future.