June 5th is the International Word Environment Day, and it was celebrated by more than 250 conscious student who participated at the BottleCapMOZAIK competition. It was an uplifting feeling to experience their enthusiasm from the very beginning.

In 2020 the RDE Harghita waste management company came up with the idea of this competition, choosing the Odorheiu Secuiesc Community Foundation as a partner. So last year we jointly organized the first BottleCapMozaik competition in Harghita County. Positive experiences and absolutely impulsive feedback have encouraged the need for the program. Our goal was to instill environmental awareness into the lives of youngsters, and to make our community more and more enviromentalfriendly. The bottlecaps collected during the competition will of course be recycled.

Compared to the 16 participating  teams in 2020, this year 25 teams registered to the competition. Which means that more than 250 students got familiar with our enviromentfriendly philosophy. This way, 250 households, as well as their friends and aquintances made sure that plastic caps should never end up in the trash can, thus freeing our environment from more pollution.

The artworks speak for themselves. It’s almost unbeliavable that the only thing these mosaics required were the enthusiastic students and great teamwork. All the students who got involved were enriched with an outstanding experience of teamwork and the power of a common goal.

Due to the pandemic, the competition was organized online, so each team completed the work at their own venue of their choice. The teams applied from several different regions, like from Bradesti, Satu Mare, Oroszhegy, Polonita, Ocna de Jos and Eliseni.

The largest mosaic was made by the team of „Szorgoskodó Baglyocskák”, a 17×16 inch artwork made of plastic caps.

At the same time, we wanted to reward the noble deeds of each team for paying attention to our environment and acting consciously. The jury, based on many criteria rewarded three teams, but each participating student received a small gift card.

The jury members – to whom we are really grateful for – were:

  • Sarolta Balázs, Head of Department of Education, Culture and Health, Council of Odorheiu Secuiesc
  • Csaba Balázs, RDE waste management manager
  • Izabella Geréb Harmat, elementary school teacher
  • Tekla Magyari, journalist and boardmember of OSCF
  • Tímea Magyari, jurnalist, editor of uh.ro

Based on many aspects, the following three teams were chosen as winners:

  • The first place went to the Kupak(tanács) team, rewarded by a really cool scooter.
  • The Kadicsok team finished in second place, their reward was a 2 hour horseriding gift card.
  • The third place was taken by Cickom, who received a high quality backpack so they don’t have to worry about what to pack in next time they’ll go hiking.

And 220 students could taste the delicacies of a local bistro, the Rooster Grill Food.

The scoring of the jury can be seen here, the results of the facebook like competition here, and the overall results can be viewed here.

The day of the competion was the highlight of the show. Everyone who got involved, was filled with positive energy. Some of the teams surprised us with enthusiastic singing and recitation, which really broke our heart. We would like to thank all the teams, students and team leaders for getting involved and to the RDE Harghita LTD for deciding to support the event this year again. In addition, we would like to thank the Odorheiu Secuiesc Council for their support as well.

This year’s artworks can be seen below: