The first training of local community developers has been commissioned for 11-13 June 2021 in Rareș, Harghita County. The trainings were organised and delivered by our project partner, the Association of Community Developers (KÖFE). The trainings were attended by local initiators and community development people from the selected six communities (Arvățeni, Bădeni, Firtușu, Chinușu, Aluniș, Mujna). During the three-day training the participants were given an insight into the mysteries of community development, guidance on how to develop the activities of the initiating group, how to maintain the dynamics of the local group’s activities and the need to increase in number the dimension of planning group. Furthermore, the trainers presented techniques on how to involve community members in the formulation and implementation of different tasks to promote the development of own settlement.

On the last day of the training, KÖFE staff raises a set of homework tasks for the communities to complete before the next meeting (training), which is expected to take place between 20-22 August 2021. Meantime, local developers can receive telephone and/or email assistance from the trainers. During this period, the trainers will spot-check the completion of the identified processes.

The participants have been unanimous in their wish to strengthen cooperation between their settlements in the future, thus reinforcing the sense of belonging to the their microregion. Participants also expressed their wish to work together in the future to tackle common (sub-regional) problems and to coordinate local planning processes. The rational and purposeful mobilisation of resources in a coordinated way in the development programmes of their settlements were also on the agenda. The next training session will provide an opportunity to discuss the possibilities of integrating different resources and enhancing the dynamism of local development process.

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