Time flies, that’s for sure. So do us. This year we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Run For IT! fundraising event. We’re trying to dress up our hearts, too. In a festive attire. If you have ever participated in this event, I am pretty sure you are familiar with the excitement, with the training sessions’ smell, and with the actual enthusiasm on the day of the event.

There are so many good vibes in this action! It’s so great to see children, adults, elderly people, pretty ones and chubby ones, all of us enthusiastic, getting together to change the world, to push our limits. The aches and pains in our legs and backs come back and forth, but we are also pleasantly surprised to find out that we are able to do more and more, week by week.

If you are an NGO from Odorheiu Secuiesc, or an enthusiastic team with a community goal and a running shoe to put on, come along, we guarantee a good atmosphere, positive experiences and progress. The Run For IT! is also an excellent and unique opportunity to cultivate lasting relationships in our lives. And we are renewing ourselves just a bit, because this time it’s not only for lovers of running, but also for all those who feel in their element on two wheels.

The Run For IT! is 10 years old, we’ll run for it on October 10th

Last year, we already managed to find a way to ensure that the pandemic would not become an obstacle to these connections and positive aspirations. This year, we will continue the same choreography: we are going to run, walk or bike at the same time, but in different locations. One of the many advantages of the different locations is that each team can bring in more ambassador.
If you’re wondering how many people participated in last year’s most successful Run For IT!, how much money they raised, you’ll find plenty of information on the event’s site. You can also read about the ambassadors’ experiences here, and if you want to have a similar positive experience, make sure you join this year Run For IT!
For more information please visit the Run For IT! facebook page and the fussneki.ro website.

The 10th Run For It! schedule:

  • 2–29 August – grand opening, NGO applications
  • 5–19 August – meeting with NGOs
  • 30 August – 12 September – ambassadors (runners, cyclists) apply
  • 13 September – 10 October – fundraising, support for community causes
  • 13 September – 10 October – meeting with the participating teams
  • 8-9 October – handing out the start packs, presentation of event schedule
  • 10 October – 10th Run For IT!
  • 11–18 October – results
  • 18 October – 28 November – signing the contracting with NGOs, initiative groups