As part of our Well–minded Odorhei initiative with the RDE Harghita LTD, we have been roaming the road to environmental awareness with two teams. Recently, we invited both teams for a conscious forest walk, in which the Zetea Forest Police Department was our partner.

During the walks, we explored important themes such as the triple function of the forest – it has a public welfare, an economic and an ecological role. We could also learn about sustainable forest management, forest therapy and why forests and water are important, as they are key elements not only for human life but also for the life of a nature. We tasted wild leaves, blackberries, and raspberries, hugged several ancient trees and learned about medicinal plants.

Meanwhile, we visited a part of the forest that has been untouched for about 50 years, thus showing a condition similar to the former “jungle”, that is, a condition that may have been very close to what existed here 500 years ago.

Special thanks to the Zetea Forestry Department and its staff, whose enthusiasm is unquestionable, as they can talk about the forest with such a deep love. We are grateful to our tour guides, forest engineers Tibor-Sándor Kádár, Csaba Jakab and Zsolt Orbán, who made the forest walk possible for us, and thus enriched the experience of all participants.

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