A historically valuable cooperation begins with the Civil Triangle for Community Philanthropy project, in the framework of which a collaboration is launched between the regions of Odorhei, Ciuc and Gheorgheni. The 20-month project will start at the beginning of November, focusing on the development of the three NGOs and the development of civil society in those three regions.

This project is implemented by the Odorheiu Secuiesc Community Foundation in partnership with The House Association from Miercurea Ciuc and the Atelier Association from Gheorgheni with the financial support of the Active Citizens Fund Romania, programme funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA Grants 2014-2021. The aim of the project in four priority areas is:

  1. Organisational development:
    • Establishment of Advisory Councils that will support the partner organisations in Ciuc and Gheorgheni.
    • Development of fundraising strategies for the three partner organisations
    • Development of websites
  1. Launching of a crowdfunding platform
  2. Organisation of fundraising sport events in the three regions
  3. Training organised for NGOs in the three regions on alternative fundraising.

So far, no such cooperation has taken place before. This project – using the combined expertise and efforts of the three partner organisations – will help hundreds of NGOs:

  • to become more visible,
  • to attract donors and donations to support their activities,
  • to get to know each other,
  • to offer inspiration to others,
  • to develop collaborations with each other.

Thus, in the three regions – in many areas, like education, environment, social issues, sport, healthy lifestyle, etc. – changes for the better and cooperation for these changes is increasing. Sharing economy is also the new trend in the economy. Among NGOs, this knowledge and experience has long existed. We need to activate them and bring them to life. We have great hopes and enthusiasm for this project, which helps us to fulfil our long-held dreams.

The total value of the project is EUR 107,135, of which the total amount of funding is EUR 99,935 and the amount of own contribution is EUR 7,200.

About Active Citizens Fund Romania

The Active Citizens Fund Romania project is funded through the EEA Grants 2014-2021. The overall objective of the Grants is to reduce economic and social disparities, and to strengthen bilateral relations between 15 beneficiary countries and the Donor States (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway). The initiative is administered by a consortium composed of Civil Society Development Foundation, Romanian Environmental Partnership Foundation, Resource Center for Roma Communities, PACT Foundation and Frivillighet Norge, acting as Fund Operator designated by FMO – Financial Mechanism Office of the EEA and Norway Grants. The objectives of the Active Citizens Fund Romania are to strengthen civil society and active citizenship and to empower vulnerable groups. With a total allocation of 46,000,000 Euro, the project pursues a long-term development of the civil society sector sustainability and capacity, stepping up its role in promoting democratic participation, active citizenship and human rights, while strengthening bilateral relations with organizations from the Donor States, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway. For more information about the Active Citizens Fund in Romania, please visit www.activecitizensfund.ro. For more information about the EEA and Norway Grants, go to www.eeagrants.org.