On the 13th of December, the first outstanding activity of the Civil Triangle for Community Philanthropy project took place at the Harghita Business Center: the Board of the OSCF met with the members of the emerging Advisory Boards from Ciuc and Gheorgheni. One of the priority activities of the cooperation between the three organisations is the establishment and support of the Advisory Boards of Ciuc and Gheorgheni. The purpose of this first meeting was both to get to know the willing helpers of the three organisations and to share the experience of a well-functioning Board on the part of the OSCF.

The 17 people who were there were given a brief insight into the workings and programmes of the OSCF. The focus was on the characteristics of a well-functioning Board. The characteristics of a good board member in the practice of the OSCF:

  • Ambassador of the organisation
  • Regular and active engagement with the organisation and the community
  • He/she is also a donor
  • Mobilises resources: people, contacts, financial resources
  • he/she is a contact person

Following the presentation, 7 board members of the OSCF shared their personal stories about why they took on the role and what it means to them. Questions were asked by people from Ciuc and Gheorgheni, which led to a fruitful discussion.

Among the concluding thoughts was that the next important step for the Ciuc and Gheorgheni emerging Advisory Boards is to work out and define goals for themselves.

The meeting ended inspired, and will be followed by further activities in the coming months.

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