Just recently in June, we shared the news of the three winning applications for the Good Idea Project, each receiving a grant of 3,334 RON. Few months have passed since then, but the project managers have not been idle. By now, all three ideas have been realized. Several children and adults from Odorhei took part in the projects, gaining environmentally conscious experiences. In addition to theoretical knowledge, the people involved were enriched with some eco-friendly gifts as well.

In Cadiseni, youngsters and their parents, grandparents were expected to attend a full series of events about the environmental protection. A total of 32 children were covered in the team building training, while 48 people attended a beautiful presentation about an environment-friendly household and received a starter pack to actually start that green lifestyle.

Thanks to the Green “Tales” initiative, 80 students from the Csicsergő Preschool have acquired theoretical and practical knowledge that has led them to develop their environmentally conscious behavior, their knowledge of recycling and air pollution, their ability to protect and save energy.

The third good idea helped to set up an 85-person scout camp: 15 adult, and 65 11-18 yrs. old students. Thanks to this grant, the team purchased two small community tents and several T-shirt. The tents can be used for years by the scout teams.

Thanks to these 3 projects, many children and adults have been able to gain beautiful experiences in the environmental awareness field, and hopefully they will be able to use that in their everyday life.