It might be a little strange that you come across with this subject in the news of the Community Foundation, but it is no surprise. We now give you a “behind the scenes” sight of our workplace.

The efficiency of our work is most likely determined by the quality of our assets. Most of our business is office related, but we also work on the field, going to different community meetings, professional meetings, and venues for our events, and in such cases we need good quality high-tech devices, such as a laptop, a projector, camera, etc.

It probably had happened to you before, that you had to wait several minutes during a presentation to switch between slides or open the spreadsheet on your laptop. These awkward moments haven’t escaped us either, and that’s when you feel like your abilities are limited by your assets. These are the moments when you feel the need to upgrade your gadgets.

We were very pleased when last year the Bethlen Gábor Fund announced a grant for the acquisition of assets in a completely different way than usual. There was no question for us to apply. And thanks to that, we bought two laptops, which help us in our daily tasks and allow us to do quality work, as we all know the projector and the screen are an essential part of presentations and meetings. Thanks to the support, now we can use our own high quality gadgets at our events.

Community meetings are also a determining factor in our lives. In 2021, for example, we organized 24 community events. But we also attend plenty of community events either as performers or participants. It is important for us to be good hosts as well. “Coffee connects,” as some student recently said. For those who consume it, a great coffee can be a good foundation for a perfect conversation. In addition to coffee, we try to make the conversations friendlier with some snack. That’s why we invested in a good coffee machine and a smaller fridge.

For the OSCF the interfaces and tools are outstanding in terms of continuous communication, transparency, traceability, connection and networking. A good example would be the roll-up. After three years, the foundation managed to get a beautiful roll-up.

Thanks again for the support of the Bethlen Gábor Fund! The workplace we can provide for our team has become more lovable and our community service has become more efficient with their support.