We would like to build a vibrant and value-conscious community that encourages, accepts and affirms each other.

Strategic goals

  1. To educate young people from the Odorhei region to cope with the daily challenges of life
  2. To develop a welcoming and family-friendly Odorhei
  3. Promoting sustainable development
  4. Building a diverse, active, professionally prepared, transparent and cooperative civil society
  5. Developing the culture of philanthropy in the economic and the private sector
  6. Operating a sustainable, ever-growing, receptive and community friendly organization


The OSCF is an independent local fundraiser and grant-maker NGO, spreading the culture of charity, and building a conscious, responsible, active and creative community through different grants and projects.

Values, principles

  1. Initiative: we act responsible and as an influencer for the community.
  2. Professionalism and innovation: with a well prepared team and Board we offer innovative solutions in collaboration with donors, with the community and with our partners as well.
  3. Transparency and credibility in fund management and in project implementation.
  4. Collaboration: we develop mutually beneficial collaborations between representatives of different sectors to solve community issues.
  5. Apolitical: we strive to keep our independent and objective statute.
  6. Philanthropic Spirit: based on our community’s philanthropic traditions we strive to keep and renew these traditions to build our community’s future.

Board members

Lukácsi Katalin
Márton Zsolt

Katalin Lukácsi

chairman of the board of directors

Zsolt Márton

vice president of the board of directors
Diemer Ltd., director and owner

Albert Sándor
Magyari Tekla
Miklós Zoltán István
Szakács-Paál István
Varga Zsuzsánna

Sándor Albert

member of the board of directors

Tekla Magyari

member of the board of directors
television correspondent, journalist

Zoltán István Miklós

member of the board of directors
Haáz Rezső Museum, director

István Szakács-Paál

member of the board of directors
Harghita Business Center,

Zsuzsánna Varga

member of the board of directors
Varga mézes,

Our Staff

Csáki Rozália

Rozália Csáki

executiv director

I believe in the power of community and society. At the same time – according to Áron Tamasi – ”We are here in this world to be home.” For me odorhei is the HOME. I’d like if the Community Foundation would promote positive and creative changes in our region; so I associate active people, encourage and help them, to the best of my knowledge.

Eszter Toth

responsible for grantmaking

I feel lucky to be part of the first Run For IT! as a co-organizer. This way I could put the love of organization at the service of such a noble goal as the realization of other’s dreams and goals. At the same time, my own dream came true: being able to do something effective for the environment: good people + good heart + good wibes = creating good things, value. This result was proved by the successful implementations.

Toth Eszter
Jakab Bernadett

Bernadett Jakab

communication responsible

In my opinion, to communicate and to make contact with the community are essential to a community foundation. Through communication relationships can work and can be maintained. As a communications responsible, I believe it is important for the Foundation and its environment to provide proper and quality information, and to establish and maintain a relationship of trust. At the same time, the purpose of communication is also to inform and provide insight about the activities of the Foundation, which serve the interests of our community.

Tamara Nagy Molnár

project manager, fundraiser

I like my job because it motivates me in my everyday life.
It fills me up to see how the project I have thought of will bring tangible benefits to the community of Odorheiu Secuiesc.

Nagy-Molnár Tamara
Dobai Margit

Margit Dobai

administrative and financial officer

All people are equal and worth what they contribute to the development of the community. I believe in the staying power of the community and I am confident that I can be a useful member of the OSCF.

Chris Worman

professional consultant

He has been working in the civil sphere for over eight years. Chris took an active role in the Romanian Community Foundations movement and, after setting up the concept with the nationally awarded “2% for Odorhei” campaign, launched the Székelyudvarhely Community Foundation in 2007.

Lukácsi Katalin
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Please view the 2020 Annual Report in electronic format, or request a hardcopy by email.

Click here to view reports from previous years in electronic format.


Udvarhely County Mosaic

The Udvarhely County Mosaic publication is more than a photo album, it`s a book about our community and our region. This book was born out of a photo competition, which reveals the community of Odorheiu Secuiesc, accompanied by interesting stories from the site.



With the walking stick through Odorhei

We developed a cultural program aimed to show a less known face of our little town to inhabitants and tourists alike. Every city is full of memories, of human destinies, untold stories, which are shared with you by the guides of our tours, all of them local historians.

Minimum standards for community foundations in Romania
Operating principles of the Romania’s Community Foundations