We developed a cultural program aimed to show a less known face of our little town to inhabitants and tourists alike. Every city is full of memories, of human destinies, untold stories, which are shared with you by the guides of our tours, all of them local historians. The route changes from occasion to occasion, depending on the theme of the actual walk. All interested have the coice of the following themes:

  • Community development and cultural heritage preservation
  • Pubs and literature
  • Gastronomy and lifestyle
  • Industrial development of Odorhei and its guilds

A walk takes about 1,5 hours.


A guide: Odorhei Passport

The „Odorhei Passport” is a printed guide which is used to give a glimpse into the past of our town through archived photos and documentation fragments. Through it we have the chance to find the old streets, marketplaces, coffee shops, and can imagine how our ancestors, the citizens of Odorhei used to live. The map at the end of the guide provides an anchor point for visitors and local alike for finding the attractions of the past in the town of the present.

Our guide can be used to accompany visitors on the walks, on can be purchased stand alone as a souvenir in the office of the Odorheiu Secuiesc Community Foundation, for a retail price of 10 lei.

At this moment the guide is accessible just in Hungarian.