Through the collaboration of three NGOs we have realized a cycling training program. The OSCF has been in partnerships with the Târgu Mureș Community Foundation and the Green Szeklerland Association of MiercureaCiuc for a year, to undertake the theoretical and practical education of the vehicular rules for the high school students, to report the safe cycling and to organize cycling parades.

The goal of the Academia Velo program was dual: on one hand to prepare the students for the safe cycling, on the other hand draw the attention of the car drivers and the cyclists to the dangerous traffic situations.

In these three cities 199 students have joined this one-day course, we have organized 6 cycling parades and we have handed out 900 informative booklets and 4.000 leaflets in our events.

In the light of the least year’s Academia Velo program we can tell that it would be necessary for our children to learn the traffic regulations as soon as possible, to make opportunities for them to meet with these rules.