Call for proposal: Unitarian Kaláka Fund 2016

The Unitarian Kaláka Fund is a partnership between the Odorheiu Secuiesc Community Foundation and Unitarian Kaláka, a US-based nonprofit organization. Unitarian Kaláka, committed to its mission of promoting the economic and cultural vitality of Unitarian villages in Transylvania, is launching a new phase of its matching grants program.

A principal aim of the Fund is community building.  For that reason, applicants must show a commitment to building local partnerships, involving local institutions, volunteers and providing some local resources.  There are two new elements of this call for proposal:

  • the UKF will match up to 50% of what the applicants raise (up to 800 USD/project). Building the 50% self contribution ensures community buy-in and it is an important part of ensuring commitment.
  • the fundraising process is supported by an online crowdfunding platform: The applicants will apply by uploading their projects to this platform and by this way all their fundraising process will become visible.

By this new elements we strive to help the Unitarian villages to build their sustainability and to mobilize funds in a new way.

Because these are requirements, the SzKA staff is here to work with you on your planning and development should you want our support.



NGOs and initiative groups from Unitarian Rural Communities of Transylvania (those villages which appear in the Transylvanian Unitarian Church Directory).

If you are an initiative group (do not have an NGO) we will work with you to find a partner.



Projects should be about, by, and for your community.  When you are thinking about a project idea, ask yourself: How can we contribute to a living and vital community?  What kind of activities and initiatives would help to motivate and activate our community to act for their own better future?  The project ideas can not be for the exclusive benefit of the Unitarian community, but the local Unitarian community must be involved.

One project support which is a matching fund is a maximum of 800 USD/project. We accept a wide range of ideas based on our belief that you know best what your community needs. Your project idea should promote:

  • collaboration and partnership
  • village volunteerism
  • ecumenical values
  • preservation of tradition and cultural heritage

Attention! The projects need to be uploaded in three languages: Hungarian, Romanian and English.

Before your project become active and visible on the crowdfunding platform there will be a pre-evaluation process. When we will make a decision about your project we will give high priority to projects which:

  • are based on community decision
  • address real local needs and/or willingness
  • build on partnership (involve actively local people and local NGOs, institutions, companies)
  • contribute with a high level of voluntary work and local resources
  • can assure the sustainability of their project after the financial support is completed
  • can have a real impact to change something in the community.



The UKF is a pilot-project. For this purpose “Unitarian Kaláka” will match the first 3 projects which will succeed to raise 50% of their target amount. The matching fund should be max. 800 USD / project.

“Unitarian Kaláka” also plan to make a continuous fundraising work for offering more matching funds if see that the local communities will succeed with this fundraising process.



  • Publish the Announcement through different media and online channels
  • Applicants upload their postject ideas to platform until 8th February
  • Pre-evaluate and activate the projects on the GGD platform on 11th February
  • NGO’s fundraise for their projects 11th February – 30th April 2016
  • SZKA will contract the the winner projects till 13th May
  • Project implementation period: 13th May – 15th August
  • SZKA do monitoring of project’s implementation
  • SZKA organize a closing meeting and edits and publish report on his own site


For more information and support, please email or call 0745-495392.

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