The new YouthBank team is ready

Several high-school student has shown interest to join the voluntary program. Last week the new coordinator and two other volunteers from last year have kept interviews, so they could meet personally the applicants. In 2016/2017 20 high-school studenst will flourish in YouthBank program. For 16 youngsters this will be the [...]

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Playground on the hospital’s backyard

The OSCF’s Child-friendly Hospital project after buying and gathering toys for hospitalized children, is not going to stop doing good: the construction of a playground on the hospital’s background is almost finished. Ágnes Kacsó, a local landscape architect has designed the plan of the playground free of charge. The hospital is [...]

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Night Ride

On September the 22nd, during the European Week of Mobility the Szekler Teker Association, the City Council of Odorheiu Secuiescand the Odorheiu Secuiesc Community Foundation has organized the second edition of Night Ride. The event started at 9 pm with participation of aprox. 400 cyclists. Their main agenda was to [...]

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CALL FOR PROPOSAL for students in classes 8th and 12th

The training program for prepare the students from 8th and 12th classes to the graduation had a great success in previous years. Encouraged by the success of this program, and taking into account the expressed interest of students and parents we decided to start again this preparation program. The program [...]

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Our guest was the US Ambassador

On 12 September afternoon arrived within a committee of five members directly to the Odorheiu Secuiesc Community Foundation Hans Klemm, the US Ambassador in Romania. The Ambassador is Board member of the Romanian-American Foundation, which supports community foundations in Romania for many years. OSCF special programs and their results raised [...]

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You come with a great idea? We’ll support it!

We have launched the second edition of the project Good idea in order to support creative ideas coming from both  individuals and NGO-s involved in organizing different events about environmental and health issues. Through our program we would like to support: education on the protection of the environment and hiking [...]

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March for the safety of bikers on the road

Almost 400 bikers took part on the march organized by FCOS at 15 April to raise awareness on the problem of safety of bikers in Odorheiu Secuiesc. Before the march the first 200 registered participants received a T-shirt with the logo of the Velo Academy. Start was given at 5 [...]

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You decided!

The winner of the second You Choose grantmaking program in this year are „Cserkészpajtás”, Association, the „Szorgos Ifjoncok” Association, and the „Pro Minoribus” Association. The amount of the financial support is 2680 eur. Ten NGOs took part in this program. The Community Card holders had the chance to vote on [...]

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