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The Philanthropic Community has decided

Very good ideas came up for the new call for proposal. The donors of the Philanthropic Community has selected 3 projects: Student Counsil of Benedek Elek Pedagogical Lyceum: How much you are worth? "Our project is an initiative, the first phase of a long term plan, focused to prevent cyberbullying, [...]

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Philanthropic Community: call for proposal

In the spring of 2015 a group of individual donors created the Philanthropic Community donor circle. Their goal is to contribute to those local changes thanks to which we feel better here at home. Now we launch the second call for proposal. We wait project ideas in the following three [...]

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Friendly hospital: drawing competition

Community Foundation of Odorheiu Secuiesc launches a drawing competition for children and adults. The creations will be used to redecorate the Pediatric Department and the Department for Infectious Diseases of the hospital as part of the Friendly Hospital program. The topic of the competition is Miracle. Participants are asked to [...]

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Community supports Friendly Hospital

Our SMS Fundraising campaign ended in the middle of January. A total of 650 messages were sent which means a donation of 1300 Euros for our Friendly hospital program. We intend to use this sum to create a friendlier atmosphere for young patients of the pediatric and infectious departments of [...]

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The power of philanthropy

The aim of our new fundraising campaign entitled Philanthropic Community is to build a community in which every individual can be both donor and decisive factor as concerning the destination of the donation. Through this program we wish to strengthen the relationship between the Foundation and those collaborators, for whom [...]

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