Call for proposal: Unitarian Kaláka Fund 2018

The Unitarian Kaláka Fund is a partnership between Unitarian Kaláka (an NGO from USA) and the Odorheiu Secuiesc Community Foundation. Unitarian Kaláka, committed to its mission of promoting the economic and cultural vitality of Unitarian villages in Transylvania, is launching a new phase of its support to Unitarian villages in [...]

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Grantmakers East Forum: Reclaiming Civic Spaces

The 22nd GEF conference was held in Vienna on 27-29 September. The conference was organized by the European Foundation Center and this time was hosted by the ERSTE Foundation. European societies face a series of complex challenges that affect both the economy, political legitimacy and social cohesion. In most cases, [...]

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„Building Bridgesfor Local Good”

This was the theme of the first conference of Community Foundations from Europe, which held place in the capital of Wales, Cardiff. There were 100 participants from 22 European countries, including Odorheiu Secuiesc Community Foundation. The purpose of the event was to support the participants to learn, to reflect and [...]

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Community Card: technical progress and a step back at local level

Starting from 1st September, the Community Card can’t be used in Szuper and Merkur stores in Odorheiu Secuiesc, Miercurea Ciuc and Târgu Mureş. The company has officially informed the civil partners of the three cities and regions. After eight years of cooperation, the company suspended the program. They consider several [...]

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Buy at Harmopan, use your Community Card and win!

The Harmopan Company started a competition gameaddressed to Community Card users. We talked with Somodi Kinga, the marketing specialist of the Company about the collaboration with the Community Foundation and about the competition game.   The Community Foundation and the Harmopan Company has been cooperating for a long time. What [...]

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Interviews with philanthropic persons

We start a new series of interviews to presents some local stories of philanthropy. The goal of the series is to makes understandable and gets closer the philanthropy and the pleasure of supporting to the people.   When did you started to be philanthropic, to donate? I started it when [...]

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„Heuréka Fund”: the first three supported project

After the first call for proposal of the „Heuréka Fund” (STEM) there are three winner projects. Thanks to them the following interesting events will happen in Odorheiu Secuiesc in the near future.   It's gas! The science goes to home Applicants: Székely Zoltán physics teacher and his team formed from [...]

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Euro-Car Trading: „With coins for the community”

The Euro-Car Trading is the first enterprise, which started the program of OSCF named „With coins for the community”. Our cooperation is two years-old. The 15-years-old Euro-Car Trading is the enterprise, which keeps in mind the interest of local community, and not only with services and productions, but also is [...]

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