New grantmaking program in collaboration between Merkur company and Odorheiu Secuiesc Community Foundation: „Kis Góbé Alap”

Merkur, the Seklerland store chain has been supporting children and young people in a variety of sports activities of five years. The development of the program required the aid of the professional development, such as Mercur, the Seklerland Chain Store invited the Odorheiu Secuiesc Community Foundation to lead the program. [...]

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Community Card – instrument and network for development of active citizenship

The Community Card programme has got a new dimension in frame of Romanian NGO Funds coordinated by Norway Funds and Fundația pentru Dezvoltarea Societății Civile (FDSC). The main objective of the project will be implemented through a series of activities related to dissemination of information to other Community Foundations about [...]

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Successfully Educational Program for graduation

The Community Foundation started in January a special training program for graduation in Romanian language and literature and mathematics. 10 high school students are participating in the program continuously. This number allows effective collaboration between students and teachers and customized training programs to their individual needs. The results obtained in [...]

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You Choose – 1st call for proposal

The theme of the second call for proposal remains enlarged. The NGO’s from Odorhei have the opportunity to purchase materials and instruments or they can do a more successful PR and marketing activity through their impact in the community will become more efficient. The final decision about these projects will [...]

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Dear candidates team members

Thank you for the nicely prepared and submitted proposals. A total of 12 applications were received, 7 applications were judged out positively. Principles of assessment and ranking of scores, our decision is as follows: Team Proposals Sum 1st Attempt A 1st Attempt zenekar dalainak stúdiófelvétele 1600 RON Cserkészpajtás Megújuláscserkészotthon felújítása [...]

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New grantmaking program: Good Idea

Odorheiu Secuiesc Community Foundation started to deal with environmental issues in May 2014. The result of a participatory planning process and several group meetings is the working group called: Livable Odorhei. Among other OSCF wants to support the achievement of the goals of this group with this funding program. The [...]

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Transnational Giving Europe – record number, record year!

The TGE semi-annual statistics prognosed a record year for 2014 and we have not been disappointed. The annual statistics showed the forecasts: the amount of donations transferred through TGE network for 2014 was more than 12 million of euro – a growth of 3,3 million from 2013. The amount of [...]

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“Build Your Future” – European programme on fostering entrepreneurship for young people 2015-2017

“Build Your Future” is a European project on fostering entrepreneurship for young people between the ages of 18–29. It is implemented in the consortium of nine partners in Croatia, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Romania, Slovakia and Spain. The project is administered by the International Academy Berlin (INA) gGmbH and [...]

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Valuable local initiatives raise funds online

You can find new initiatives on the crowdfunding platform of Odorheiu Secuiesc Community Foundation: They belong to NGOs and communities that are not present on the internet. The platform helps them to show to the world what kind of valuable work is done in our small villages. In this [...]

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