YouthBank tender: announcement of results

Closed the financing program of YouthBank. For the call for proposal arrived 6 tenders. The commission judged that from 6 tenders, 5 are worthy of support. The 8.000 lei fund has been divided fully. Congratulations for the winners and good luck for the implementation!

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This year the YouthBank also proclaim its grantmaking program. The half of the fund was collected by the YouthBank team through fundraising actions, which was doubled by the Community Foundation. The resulting fund is 8.000 lei.   Who and for what can compete? Minimum 3-person teams formed from high school [...]

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YouthBank action: lecture series about the rights and obligations of high school students

The YouthBank closing fundraising action was organized on 16-17 February. The YouthBank and the Hungarian Harghita County Student Council (HaDiT) gave lectures for the high school students in Odorhei. They presented the student code – charter – which recently came into force and includes the rights and obligations of students [...]

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The YouthBank youngsters has started their fundraising campaign

The 8th edition of YouthBank fundraising events have started in Odorheiu Secuiesc. With the participation of 18 volunteers (András Noémi, Balázs Andrea, Benedek Zsuzsanna, Boros Anna, Bordás Péter, Demény Klaudia, György Boglárka, Imre Izabella, László Edina, Mihály Bíborka, Mihály Boróka, Pál Henrietta, Sándor Boglárka, Suciu Dalma, Szikszai Andrea, Szőcs Anita, [...]

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The new YouthBank team is ready

Several high-school student has shown interest to join the voluntary program. Last week the new coordinator and two other volunteers from last year have kept interviews, so they could meet personally the applicants. In 2016/2017 20 high-school studenst will flourish in YouthBank program. For 16 youngsters this will be the [...]

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Young people will never run out of ideas

Our Youth Bank program is approaching to the end of the first part consisting of fundraising. During the last three month the Youth Bank team of 11 volunteering high school student managed to acquire almost 4000 RON for the project. During the 7th edition of the fundraising program the young [...]

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Our young bankers at the Christmas Fair

Young volunteers of the YouthBank program started a fundraising campaign and at the beginning of December they gathered used toys and books from schools and kindergartens of Odorheiu Secuiesc and its surroundings, including the local school of Feliceni. Donations were sold on the Márton Áron Square in Odorheiu Secuiesc for [...]

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