The Unitarian Kalaka Fund and the Odorheiu Secuiesc Community Foundation have launched three projects for the Unitarian Kalaka Fund’s 2018 call for grants, two of which have already been successfully completed. (The Unitarian Kaláka Fund is a doubling fund, i.e. doubles the funds collected by the applicants.)

The Providence Aid Organization Brasov County Branch worked on the renovation of the Brotherhood Hall. The room was one of the best-used rooms of the Family Support Center launched last year, where programs run on weekly / monthly basis. The walls of the room were waiting for a full repair, which is now decorated by 6 information tabs. The old floor was fully replaced. All of this was made from 12,369 lei. “After the project has been implemented, the circumstances of our Family Support Center programs have been greatly improved, and this room has become clean, friendly, safe and attractive to everyone.” – Erika Andrási, project manager

The Városfalva Association built a playground for the children in the village from 10,725 lei. According to them the children deserve these entertaining spaces. That’s why they built a playground where every child is happy to play. More than 30 children and 60 adults are now using the playground. “Without the volunteers, we could not have achieved the goal … everyone is very proud to have created a modern and safe community square”. – Judit Kozma, project manager.

In Torockószentgyörgy volunteering, networking and community building are still a living habit. The community is working on the new construction of the cantor’s house, because the building, which hosts community occasions, is now too scarce. The new wing would provide a more intimate space for community events (children programs, youth association and women’s association’s events) and festive occasions. The community has gathered 11,155 RON to accomplish their dream. “There is still a need for spiritual inheritance … We have made sure that volunteering and community work is not impossible for us! Now comes the construction.”