Current news of YouthBank, january of 2015

The YouthBank students prepared three fundraising projects for the 2014-15 years. The goal sum is 5500 Ron.

  1. “Second hand toys and books collecting”: The „youthbankers” collected toys, books and sweets in all of schools and nurseries of the town and they sold them in the town’s center between 2 and 5 of December 2014. Income: 1856 lei, which will be doubled by the OTP Bank.
  2. “Giving Tuesday”: the Community Card income on the day of 2nd of December 2014 was doubled by the Elan Trió Company and Réka Pharmacy. Income: 800 lei.
  3. “Community`spot”: during the Christmas Fair, in partnership with the Romantika restaurant, the young team sold rolls, at the Town Hall Square. Income: 761 lei.

The goal sum of 5500 lei will be doubled by the City Hall of Odorheiu Secuiesc.

Thank you for the donations!

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