So how good we are around here, in Odorhei region?

VERY good! It emerged from the survey we conducted last week (early December), based on the annual reports of the World Giving Index, and also being a bit enthusiastic about the Christmas spirit.

During the survey, we asked three simple questions:

Did you help a stranger or anyone who needed help in 2018?

Did you donate money for charity this year?

Did you volunteer for a civil organization this year?

More than 200 responses were received, 61% of which came from women and 39% from men. Half of the responses were from 31-50 years old, one quarter from 19-30 years old, 11% from 50 to 70 years old, while the remaining 8% were youngsters under 18 years of age.

The respondents mostly come from Odorheiu Secuiesc and its surroundings, but 6% of them have chosen other settlements (Cluj-Napoca, Sibiu, Ciuc, Târgu-Mureş, Germany).

So, how good we really are?

Better than we thought! But let us mention here that the survey is not representative, the results reflect only our respondents, and not the charity attitude of the whole city, but still gives us a clue about our attitude toward volunteering.

98% of the respondents said they had helped a stranger or anyone who needed it. More than three quarters said they donated money for charity, and a little over half of the respondents volunteered at a civil organization.

Are there any significant differences in responses in age and gender wise in Odorhei?

Yes, there are! Our male respondents do much more voluntary work than women. A small difference (only 1%) is present in the amount of donation in favor of men. However, the question of whether they have helped a stranger or not, was answered positively by more female than male respondent.

From now on the OSCF wants to measure our charity index every year so we can give the world a unique picture of our generosity and charity.