Have you ever thought to become an entrepreneur? It’s time

At the beginning of October we are launching our training program Build your Future, by which we would like to encourage young people aged 18-29 wishing to try their chances and start their own business.

Build your future is a course of forming practical entrepreneurial skills built up of theoretical information completed by discussions with local entrepreneurs and visits to their workplaces.

We wish to offer a set of information to be used in the launching of a new business, from the first steps of financial planning to marketing. The course is built up of five modules, each being a 2 days workshop.

The training is supplemented with a business incubator, consisting of short presentations, roundtables with the participation of progressive and successful local entrepreneurs.

As part of the project we are also launching a program of mentoring, to support the new enterprises, and to assure their viability and success.

The course is free. Young people aged 18-29 (students and those who are in search of a job), determined to start their own business are invited to sign up. They can do it at the office of the Community Foundation (str. Kossuth, nr. 20.) Candidates are asked to bring a CV and a short motivation letter.

This project is implemented in collaboration with partners from Croatia, Ireland, Germany, The United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, and Slovakia.  The program is coordinated by the International Academy Berlin and YEPP, and supported by ERASMUS+.

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