Child Rescue Service Development In Odorheiu Secuiesc

The Odorheiu Secuiesc Community Foundation is launching a fundraising campaign together with the Association of Mothers of Odorhei.
Romania ranks first in Europe in terms of premature birth mortality. While the national average rate of deaths due to premature births is 7.5 per thousand (compared to 1,000 live births), this rate has been 8 per thousand in Harghita county, 7.5 in Covasna county and 8.2 in Bacău county in 2015.
Currently the chances of a premature baby surviving in the absence of an advanced ambulance service are significantly reduced if born in the above mentioned counties.

The basic need for professional care is the state-of-the-art medical technology, the lack of this technology greatly reduces the chances of surviving. The OSCF and the Association of Mothers of Odorhei are launching a fundraising campaign to procure quality medical devices. It would be absolutely crucial to get the following tools:

  • incubator and mobile incubator
  • hearing aid
  • special monitor
  • breathing aid

We intend to obtain these devices through donation or fundraising. We provide several ways to raise funds:

  • donation boxes are placed in several stores in Odorhei,
  • online donation is also available on the OSCF Fundraising Portal (
  • sending SMS: if the word “newborn baby” is sent to the 8837 number, you are already donating € 2.

This has to be done until September 15th,

Whoever saves a life saves the whole world!

Fundraising News

After the launch of the campaign, additional locations joined us:
In Odorheiu Secuiesc the boxes were placed by the following institutes:

  • Alexandra Cafe, Harmony Cafe, My Dress and the Firkasz Shop
  • Gyöngyvirág flower shop on Bethlen Gábor Street
  • Mini-Max stores
  • Cintya Beauty Salon
  • Elemozsia Restaurant and the Frieskepan Bakery
  • C+C Warehouse and all the Merkur stores
  • Fan Curier’s headquarters, Peter’s key shop, and the Zseblak little gym
  • AWG kids’ shop
  • Reka Pharmacy and the Super Stores all around the city

You can also find donation boxes at Cristuru Secuiesc by the the Szilveszter Market, Szilveszter Kedvenc és Szilveszter Super grocery stores, and by the Maximum and Perfect stores. The Care Assistance Organization is involved in this project as well.

In Vlahita you can find the donation boxes by the Perfekt store
In Corond also by the Perfekt store
Mugeni – Perfekt store
Praid – Perfekt store
Zetea – Perfekt store

Financial Results

  • 447 RON was raised during the Ágnes Vida’s talkshow „Mother Psychology” on April 17th, 2018
  • In Odorheiu Secuiesc, in one month 4512 RON was donated
  • Our online donation portal ( raised 1.100 RON
  • In other settlements of the region (Cristuru Secuisec, Vlahita, Mugeni, Corind, Dealu, Praid, Zetea) we raised 1,691 RON.
  • The fundraising event of the Association of Mothers of Odorhei ended up with 2,446 RON raised for this case
  • The Little Sister – Child and Family Photography supported the campaign with 250 RON
  • Harghita Holding (Firkász) donated 500 RON
  • City advertising and Top Invest supported us by promoting the campaign
  • The Unitarian Parish of Székelyszentmihály offered a payment of 700 RON for the development of the child rescue service
  • Enache Ilona 50 RON
  • Pastor Tamás Tófalvi 100 RON
  • In the nearby settelments 33 stores collected 9,763 RON in the fundraising boxes within two months

What Do The Professionals Say?

Our questions were answered by the specialists of the Odorheiu Secuiesc Hospital, Dr. Anikó Pelok from the neonatology department, and Dr. Szende Kiss, pediatrician.

  1. When a newborn arrives, what kind of mandatory tests should be done and how important is the use of the medical devices and digital technologies?

First the newborn is wiped, then if necessary, the respiratory tract is opened, he or she is measured and a clinical examination is performed. In case of maladaptation, oxygen is given after the airways are opened, and balloon ventilation, intubation, and drug administration may also occur. In this case, we need a heart rate monitor, respiratory balloon, or Neopuff infant resuscitation device.

  1. In case of a premature baby, what is the difference in treating and examining them?

Prematures are more likely to have maladaptation and in most cases incubator placement is required. If breathing problems occur: a respiratory support (CPAP) / breathing machine may be used. However, continuous monitoring is required and enteral nutrition must be supplemented by parenteral nutrition – via central or peripheral veins. This operation requires: venous catheters, a perfusion device. Because the birth room is on the 3rd floor and the newborn department is on the 4th floor, the nurses are currently carrying the babies in their lap. A mobile incubator equipped with oxygen would also be helpful for safer transportation.

  1. In addition to medical training, what proportion of adequate technical equipment can increase the chances of survival?

Upgrading our technology would make newborns’ cardio-respiratory adaptation even more secure after birth, reducing the likelihood of future permanent injuries. In this case the newborn babies need to be ventilated, there is a significant difference between manual and mechanical ventilation, which can help prevent many of the subsequent complications.

  1. Ideally, how often would it be necessary to replace the medical supply?

Depending on the device, it might be worth replacing it in every 5-10 years.

  1. What kind a medical devices are in need urgently in the newborn department in Odorheiu Secuiesc?
  • Neopuff infant resuscitation device
  • 2 incubators: one used in the department and a mobile incubator
  • Monitor
  • an audiometer to test the hearing of each newborn baby

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