We want to build a vibrant and value-conscious urban and micro-regional community where it is good to live, to learn, to work and to establish a family.


The OSCF is an independent local fundraiser and grant-maker, builder of the culture of charity, which builds a conscious, responsible, mutually observant, active and creative community through grants and programs.

Strategic goals

  1. To educate young people in the Odorhei region to cope with the daily challenges of life
  2. To develop a welcoming and family-friendly Odorhei
  3. Organic development, protection and transformation of a natural and constructed environment
  4. Build a diverse, active, professionally prepared, transparent and cooperative civil society
  5. Developing the culture of philanthropy in the economic and the private sector
  6. Operate a sustainable, ever-growing, receptive to new and close to community members organization

Values, principles

  1. Initiative: we act responsible and come with initiatives for community benefit.
  2. Professionalism and innovation: with a well prepared team and Board we offer innovative solutions in collaboration with donors and with the community and with our partners.
  3. Transparency and credibility in fund management and in prject implementation.
  4. Collaboration: we develop mutually beneficial collaborations between representatives of different sectors to solve community problems.
  5. Apolitical: we strive to keep our independent and objective statute.
  6. Philanthropic Spirit: based on our community’s philanthropy traditions we strive to keep and to renew these traditions to build this way our community’s future.