More colored education financed by OSCF

The Gálfi Sándor Association started his project in October 2011 financed by Odorheiu Secuiesc Community Foundation through Good Idea Fund. They bought Students’ book, workbooks and cassettes for the 6th-graders in their school. They are using every week these materials with great success.

Students love it and teaching is easier also. The teacher does not have to photocopy all the time and to search for useful materials. The themes are interesting and the grammar is enjoyable. They also contain colourful pictures which are indispensable with children.

These materials would help not only the childrens from this year but would serve more generations to improve their language skills in a very enjoyable way. „Thank you and we hope there will be available more similar financial opportunity in the future.” – says Péter Tünde, the school’s English teacher.

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