New benefits in the use of the Community Card

At the beginning of September a new partner joined our Community Card program: besides the Merkúr and Szuper shops, and Réka pharmacy, owners of the Community Card can use their cards in the shops of  Harmopan as well. The firm offers to them a 2% discount for every purchase.

The joint of Harmopan shops means an increase not only in the number of the participating shops but in the number of participating localities as well: from now on Community Cards can be used not only in Odorhei but in Cristuru Secuiesc, Vlăhiţa and Gheorgheni too. The program itself remains the same: local communities will decide about the use of the Community Card Fund.

To celebrate the arrival of the new partner we also announce a lottery-competition: with the support of  Harmopan and Merkúr in the upcoming period of September-November, three winners of a 150 RON gift will be announced every month among the new card owners and those who update their personal profile online on our website. In September we also launch our website, where all information will be found about the community card, and users will have the possibbility to update their profile online.

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