NGOs are making short films

This year we introduced a new element in the reporting process of the supporte projects: winning NGO-s are asked to prepare a short film in which they present what could they realize and what was the impact of our financial support.

We asked this in order to offer more information about their work to a larger public. As their work is connected to the local community, it is very important to show their success to the community they serve by their work. This can also be regarded as a form of a more efficient communication.

With the technical possibilities available nowadays shooting a few minutes long film is no longer a difficult provocation, but for better results a well defined visual concept is indispensable.

To make the work of the NGO-s easier we invited Zoltán Fecső, Editor of Székelyföldi Stúdió to conduct a workshop about the criteria a short film is supposed to meet.

After the meeting participants suggested that further information concerning the practical aspects of film-making would be benefic, so we decided to organize a workshop on this issue later.

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